Pirates of the Shining South

Fight of the Eternal Frost
Elsa ain't shiboleth

As our intrepid heroes prepare to fight the backstabbing-crown-usurping-frosty-she-beast, little do they know what treachery lies ahead. The book of lore that can finally help them find their way to the rudder rests frozen in a column of perfectly transparent ice. Many other columns line the room filled with other creatures and victims of her icy vindictive scheme.

Two hulking brutes erupt from the floor roaring and charging the group. Their white yeti fur is corrupted by black and green glimmering striations across their faces, limbs, and backs.

An audience of frozen creatures watch as the beast attack. Roll initiative.

The Plight of the King
A Cold Day in the Pirate Isles

Setting across the Southern Tip of the Pirate Isles, Winter Islands have been a place of strange events. This single location is thought to be magically frozen due to a bridge to Frostfell. So far, the characters have discovered a strange man who has at times charmed and confused them, but at other times saved them from death.


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