Ascemey Kestion



Gold fanatic – Grant a chip draw every time Askemey finds a new use for gold.


Family Origin

A Rock Gnome that is the second born of four children. Grew up in a quiet village, in other words a boring village, where there was not much to do except to tinker. That is until I found out the power of GOLD. Gold has the power to get you what you want, from toys to food to shelter to companionship to even underlings. So Ascmey left the small village and went on to a big city. He was upset that the big city too just wanted to keep a Gnome down by not just handing out gold, who wants to work for it. Ascmey then heard of a rumor of turning lead into gold; Now that’s the way to do it. So he took up apprenticeship in an alchemy shop and a library to lean as much as he can about transmutation to gain all of the gold he could ever imagine needing.

Why are you here

To discover the secret of making gold you silly DM, then you will work for me.

Character Ideals

No limits: nothing should fetter the infinite possibilities inherent in all existence.

Disposition towards humans

Humans can be very useful! They make great slaves, I mean servants since they get paid the minimal, especially because they can reach the top shelves, if they know the answers I seek they can make ok encyclopedias, and if they can be used to make gold they are extremely important to me.

Disposition towards dragons

Dragons? Not to concerned about those foul breathed creatures because they won’t share their secrets with me, and it’s too much work to try and get their treasure hoard. Now gold dragons do peak my interest just because of the possibilities of their names. Do they bleed gold? Can we harvest their blood? Can they just create gold for me?

Ascemey Kestion

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