Reya Faylin


Family Origin: Born to a human mother, Reya was cared for, but never really excepted by the rest of her family who were all human. She never knew her biological father. When Reya was 14, her stepfather, who was always indifferent at best towards Reya, passed away and her mother was left with Reya and her older half-brother Jerad alone. Her mother, Corba, became deeply in dept to a noble house. House Orell was the local ruling court.
Reya was given to House Orell as payment for the debts her mother owed. Because of her Celestial heritage, she was valuble to House Orell. She was very pretty, charasmatic, and observant which made for a good servant at court. She was also very good with a sword, as she learned to compete with her brother. She also had an aptitude for divne magic.
It was near to this time that Reya found her patorn, Asria. Asria had lived a long time and had suffered in captivity for many years at the hands of a powerful Devil. She was used and nearly drained of all her energy, but had managed to escape at last. She found Reya in a dream and the two became close. Reya vowed to help find a way to save Asria and restore her to her rightful place.

Reya was assulted one evening by lord Orell’s oldest son, lord Bardon. Lord Bardon was known to take advantage of the female servents. He was never punished for his actions as he was favored by his father. She tried to escape him without having to defend herself, but he backed her against the wall and she had no choice but to stab him with a dagger.
Reya was not sure if the young lord lived or not because she ran away from the keep rather than face the rath of Lord Orell.

Character Ideals: Reya has learned to play her part as a Courtier when she has to, even though she rather be the free spirit. She generally has a positive attitude and wants to help others, epecially thouse oppressed by others. She enjoys nature and beauty. Even though she is strong and skilled with a sword and shield, she is very feminine and lighthearted.

Flaws: Reya is wanted beacuse of her assult of a ruling lord’s son.

Disposition towards humans: Reya believes anyone should be given a chance. She herself is half-human anyway. However, most humans she has ever known have been her captors. Even her own family had treated her more like a servant than an equal. She can play the part of the courtasain maid well and often uses it to her advantage. Humans seem to be more aimable as long as you prove useful to them.

Disposition towards Dragons: If Reya ever met one of those mythical creatures, she would be cautious. They might just be really large Lizard Men, but she would be unsure of their nature.

Reya Faylin

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